Neck and Shoulder Treatment

Sports Massage & Exercise Therapy For Preventing Injury and Ending Shoulder Pain

A muscular imbalance may cause shoulder pain, postural problems, and limited range of motion. Dysfunction or imbalance in one part of a muscle, for example, an overuse injury to the upper trapezius can change the balance of the shoulder girdle as a whole,  causing the lower trapezius fiber to lengthen and inhibited.

Many activities such as working on the computer will encourage the shoulder to be rounded forward causing thoracic kyphosis. Injury to the shoulder can lead to hypermobility, instability and loss of strength.

Sports massage therapy around the soft tissue will promote healing and combining with strengthing exercise can reduce the development of chronic weakness and minimize the developing degenerative conditions from overuse, posture deviation and sports injury.

Shoulder pain due to bad posture (Rounded Shoulder)

Common neck and shoulder pain complain:

  1. Stiff Neck
  2. Rotator Cuff Injury
  3. Unable to lift arm to full 180 degrees (Lost range of motion)
  4. Pain on the front part of shoulder
  5. Pain on the shoulder blade
  6. Pain from shoulder to forearm and tingling sensation on the fingers

The Sports Massage Clinic massage therapy for shoulder pain is suitable for office professional or anyone involved in throwing sports or heavy lifting.

The treatment plan will consist of movement and static posture assessment, sports massage/trigger point therapy, stretching and exercise.

So, if you want a healthy shoulder, book your appointment now and experience PAIN-FREE living.

Shoulder pain trigger point cupping