Lower Back Pain Treatment

Sports Massage & Exercise Therapy For Preventing Injury And Ending Lower Back Pain

LOWER BACK PAIN: Most people will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. Suppose you have suffered from lower back pain. In that case, we understand your frustration of having to miss out on activities you enjoyed and the difficulty in finding a reliable lower back pain treatment solution to address your pain condition. And in most cases, muscular strain and spasms cause low back pain and do not require surgery.

While maintaining correct and good spinal posture can reduce the risk of lower back pain. but when the body sways away from its neutral position, the movement is counteracted by a muscle that contracts eccentrically. If poor posture is continued, this will lead to poor health of the muscles, muscle imbalance and dysfunction, and loss of spinal mobility in the form of reduced muscle strength and muscular pain.

One of the most common and non-invasive lower back pain treatments is sports massage therapy.

Several lower back issues may be alleviated by sports massage treatment. The pain from a back strain may be addressed at its source faster and for longer when the relevant muscle is targeted.

A sports massage focuses on and decreases tension in sore or injured muscles and soft tissues. Sports massage techniques applied by the therapists increase circulation and relax muscles. Post-event massage should be done within an hour or two to relax muscles and drain waste. Rehabilitative massage restores function and relieves pain by deep stretching, kneading, and pressure. Trigger point treatment breaks down adhesions and aids mobility. The research showed that it helps with lower back pain.

Sports Massage Clinic's lower back pain treatment is invaluable. Sports massage treatment can help to improve movement patterns and relieve pain irritation. Along with corrective exercises to strengthen the spine extension, flexion and rotation muscle, most people see improvement in their posture and reducing pain.

Sports massage for lower back pain treatment is suitable for desk-bound professionals and individuals who are engaged in high-impact sports or weight lifting. Sports Massage Clinic provides our customers with a specific plan for lower back pain treatment and reducing the risk of sprains, strains, disk problems, arthritis and other injuries.

The treatment plan will consist of movement assessment, sports massage, stretching, joint mobilization and corrective exercise.

bad posture

Lower back pain due to bad posture

Common Benefits of Sports Massage for Lower Back Pain Treatment are: 

  1. Increased Blood Circulation
  2. Increased Muscle Flexibility
  3. Reduced Lower Back Pain
  4. Reduced Tension Both Physically and Mentally
  5. Reduce The Risk of Injury
  6. Faster Rehabilitation After an Injury

So, if you want to have a healthy back, book your appointment now and experience PAIN-FREE living.

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