Business Opportunity

The Sports Massage Clinic Business Opportunity

The Sports Massage Clinic is a leading sports massage center in Singapore with a proven track record and operating system focusing on musculoskeletal pain treatment using Sports Massage Technique and helping customers to experience pain-free living.

The Sports Massage was founded when we discovered that there is very little option for an individual to access post-rehabilitation and quality sports massage therapy for musculoskeletal pain. Our mission is to bridge the gap between healthcare, fitness and wellness and work with any individual with non-medical conditions musculoskeletal pain or sports injury to keep them moving and enjoy a quality life.


We offer entrepreneurs to own and operate a low expense, easy to manage, a business model with a quick startup and good return of investment. Being an important part of Singapore’s health and wellness sector, the spa business is one of the few businesses to have demonstrated resilience during the past economic crisis. The spa business is also know to be "Amazon-Proof" where hands-on therapy are unlikely to be replaced by AI. Singapore’s spa industry is reported to be valued at S$140 million a year and this figure is growing year-on-year (Hawksford). As sports massage is listed under the Spa industry, the business is growing and we want you as part of our expansion team.

Investing & Joint Venture

Investors who are looking for a profitable and pandemic resilience business to invest or physios and chiropractors who are keen for a joint venture to grow and expand The Sports Massage Clinic locally and overseas are welcome to drop us an email for a detailed discussion.

Low Cost Setup
The Spa Industry-A S$140 million a year and this figure is growing year-on-year.
Congratulations on your first step to becoming an entrepreneur. We are constantly looking for partners who are keen to impact someone's life and become an entrepreneur at the same time. Joining the Sports Massage Clinic gives you the opportunity of running your own business – but not just any business: a proven system with a low startup cost and good return of investment.
There will be no franchising or licensing fee. You will be charged a training fee. You will be trained at our headquarters in City Hall. Please get in touch with us for the fees.
Depending on the location, the start-up cost can be as low as SGD15000 excluding the training fee.
We apply the blue ocean strategy to eliminate the high startup cost and reduce unnecessary expenses
Please get in touch with us for a detailed discussion.
Our objective is to keep the rent as low as possible by not selecting a premium location. We have a network of real estate agents that can assist in choosing an ideal location to start the clinic.
Yes. The training will be conducted at City Hall branch. Training will include assessment, hand technique and recommendation of corrective exercises for clients.
Please email to with your name and contact number and we will contact you shortly.