Sports Massage & Exercise Therapy For Preventing Injury And Ending Lower Back Pain

Most people will suffer with lower back pain at some point in their lives. Maintaining of correct and good spinal posture can reduce the risk of lower back injury. When the body sways away from its neutral position, the movement is counteracted by muscle which contracts eccentrically. If poor posture is continued, this will lead to poor health of the muscles, muscle imbalance and dysfunction, loss of spinal mobility in the form of reduced muscle strength and muscular pain.

Orthopex Sports massage therapy of the lower back is invaluable. sports massage therapy can help to improve movement pattern and relieve pain irritation. Along with exercise therapy to strengthen the spine extension, flexion and rotation muscle, most people see improvement in their posture and reducing pain.

Sports massage and exercise therapy for lower back pain is suitable for office professionals who are desk-bound and anyone who plays high impact sports or lift heavy weights

The treatment plan will consist of movement and static posture assessmentsports massage/trigger point therapystretching and exercise.

So, if you want to have a healthy knee, book your appointment now and experience PAIN-FREE living.